Can Powder Coating Be Painted Over?

The short answer to this is, yes you can paint over powder coating. Finishing metal with powder coating can have a lot of benefits. Chosen for a durable finish and it’s environmental friendliness, it is a lower cost in comparison to liquid coating. Whether you paint over to prevent oxidation or to restore cosmetic appearance, these are both good reasons to apply paint over a powder coated surface.

There are a few challenges you may face when painting over powder coating, the first one being adhesion. The challenge with this is that the powder coating can create a very flat, smooth surface and this can prove a task when trying to bind liquid paint to a powder coated surface.

Another challenge is matching coating performance. You will want to have a liquid coating that will have similar performance characteristics of the powder coating underneath, as powder coating is highly resistant to scratching, wear and weather.

Overcoming these challenges can look quite simple. This includes preparing the surface appropriately to overcome adhesion issues, choosing a correct coating and applying the coating.

As powder coating usually forms a smooth surface, you may have to roughen the surface so that the coating can create a bond. Sanding using a light grade sandpaper or sandblasting the damaged area are a couple of solutions to look into.

Painting over an existing powder coating is possible, and can be helpful when repairing a powder coated surface. By taking into consideration all of the potential issues, you will be able to repair your powder coated product and it will be able to perform well.