How to Maintain Your Car’s Metalwork Post Treatment

Once you’ve subjected your vehicle to a metal finishing treatment, it will be important to both you and your car that it is maintained and kept to the best standard possible. With regular love and care you can keep even a 15 year old car looking brand new. There’s not a secret formula – it’s probably stuff you’ve done previously but never thought could be the way to keeping your car looking in the best shape.


Wash your car regularly. Dead insects and bird droppings all will cause paint damage if not washed off in time, and in the winter, road salt and grit can damage your alloy wheels and cause rust on body panels. Most car washes finish with a car wax that protects and preserves your paint. Don’t just focus on the body of the car either, as dirt and sand from under the wiper blades can cause scratches.


Make sure you wax your car once or twice a year. It makes the car shiny and protects the paint. A good quality car wax will stay on the car for several months. It also covers minor scratches or chips from stones, slowing down corrosion.


Consider rust-proofing your vehicle, especially if you live near the coast or where salt use is common during winter. Eventually parts inside your engine or brake system underneath your car will rust away and fail, leaving you with a broken vehicle. If rust-proofing is done correctly it can protect important parts of your car from corrosion, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure that the bottom parts of the doors and trunk lid are also rust-proofed well.


It’s probably a good idea to keep a touch-up paint pen in your car. They can be bought through your dealer, order online or can be found in the vehicle section of your local department store. It usually comes as a double-ended pen, clear coat on one end and base paint on the other.


Using a touch-up pen is easy, and can help protect and blend stone chips and scratches to your car’s exterior before they corrode and rust, becoming unsightly and damaging to your vehicle.