How To Remove Welding Burn Marks From Metal

If you’ve gone to the effort of completing your own metalwork, you want to achieve a finish which you can be proud of. That means that any burn marks that have come as the result of welding need to be removed.

How Do Burns Occur?

Heat tints commonly occur on stainless after steel welding. There are a few names in the metalwork industry for these discolourations, including oxide scale, and rainbow effect. But they all mean the same thing—there has been a change in the colour of the top layer of stainless steel around the weld bead and within the HAZ (heat-affected zone).

In this blog post, we outline some of the ways that these discolourations can be removed to achieve the high standard finish that you’re after.


By using a specialised laser on your metalwork, you will be able to remove some, if not all, of the blemishes that come from your metal’s exposure to heat during the welding process.

The benefits of using laser is that it’s quick, clean and effortless. However, most people are unlikely to own a specialised laser—for this reason, it’s a method more widely used on an industrial scale.

Electrochemical Cleaning

This method includes cleaning metal after the process of welding. The metal is put into an electrochemical bath which is most commonly filled with an acidic electrolytic solution. When electric current flows through the bath or through the pad and brush, impurities on the metal’s surface oxidize and dissolve.

The benefits of this method are that it cleans metal faster than other solutions, such as chemical pickling, and ensures that a high-quality finish is achieved, with the final result being metalwork which is both aesthetically pleasing and resistant to future corrosion.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a process by which small pieces of a material, such as metal, are fired at high speeds at a piece of metal. This process can remove surface layers of the metal, which will include any impurities which may have occurred during the welding process.

The benefits of shot blasting are that shot blasting machinery is relatively easy to come by. Even if you don’t want to buy shot blasting equipment, you can also rent shot blasters from tool hire companies.

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