Metal Finishing: Using Shot Blasting to Renovate Old Cars

It’s no secret that vintage car fairs and shows are massively popular. It’s often that the cars are taken from ugly, orange rust shells and transformed via shot blasting, and then maintained to prevent rust from building back up again and returning the cars to their former selves.

The effect of shot blasting is high quality rust removal. We use glass beads fired at a high speed to remove the worst of the rust. It’s important that we do not use acid, as this potentially damages the fragile exterior in the long term. From here, the stripped bare metal can be repainted and redecorated to recreate the vintage vehicle and restore it to the beauty it held before.

Shot blasting has the benefit of being strong enough to remove even the toughest rust layers, while still being gentle enough to not damage the metal underneath. It’s an accurate way to clean up a car, and fast enough for commercial use and mass production.

When restoring a car, it is important that whatever is being used to coat the metal can adhere to the surface, which means it must be free of contaminants and be smooth. Shot blasting is a recommended way of making sure the car you are about to renovate is good to go in one fell swoop.

However, if the metalwork of the car is very weak, then hydro-blasting will also get the job done with less damage to the frame of the vehicle. It’s the same concept, just with water. This will clean up any built-up grime on the surface, but may not be as effective with cleaning up rust on the vehicle.

Having a consultation will help determine which is best for you and your vehicle and what is going to be done next in terms of restoration.