Metal Recycling: An Economical Use for Scrapped Machinery

Replacement parts are a necessary evil for anyone working on a custom car or bike, and purchasing them can be expensive – that is, when it’s not impossible altogether. Purpose-built replacement parts are often available but many come from overseas and are just as worn and dirty as the original, with their protective surfaces worn away. While there’s no way of keeping machinery running forever without spare parts, metal finishing and cleaning as part of a maintenance schedule can be helpful for ensuring your car runs for as long as possible.

Engine parts naturally attract grease, dirt, debris and dust, and this can cause them to jam, reduce engine efficiency and lead to breakdowns and stoppages. Even on components that aren’t delicate enough to suffer these problems, simple dirt and rust accumulation will leave them looking worn and filthy, detracting from your vehicle’s image.

Cleaning and servicing parts can be done in a variety of ways. At Rye Metal Finishing we offer shotblasting, which involves spraying materials with abrasive aluminium oxide or non-ferrous glass beads to clean dirt and corrosion reside from surfaces. This can also help smooth rough surfaces or roughen smooth ones depending on the requirements of the job.  Chemical dipping is used to clean larger components, particularly alloy wheels, without damaging them. Thermal spraying provides corrosion protection by spraying molten particulates onto a component or metal surface. The molten dust melts together to form a smooth, corrosion-resistant coating of zinc. Powder coating is also useful, applying a free-flowing powder with an electrostatic charge and then heat-treating the object so the powder forms a skin.