Predicted Growth for the Metal Finishing Market from 2015 to 2021

Metal finishing chemicals are used to clean metallic surfaces and enhance their physical appearance.

These chemicals can also help to alter and control various surface properties such as corrosion resistance, tarnish resistance, and electrical conductivity, to name just a few. Materials preferred for metal finishing are chlorinated and oxygenated solvents, surfactants, solutions of metal salts, acids and bases among others. Metallic coating processes such as vapor deposition and thermal spray coatings are likely to gain more importance over the next few years.

The market for metal finishing chemicals was largely driven by huge demand from the electrical and electronics industry, as well as an increasing demand from the automotive industry. Metal finishing chemicals can be used to clean and degrease steel, aluminium and nickel, as well as other metals. However, environmental and workplace regulations associated with metal finishing chemicals, which can be considered one of the most toxic industries, are likely to slow the growth of the market.

North America were the leading region in the metal finishing chemicals market, due to huge demand from the aerospace industry and the electronics industry, however this is currently not the case due to tight regulations. The demand in Europe has grown due to the increase in demand from the manufacturing and automotive industry, with Germany and the UK leading the way with the largest demand for metal finishing chemicals.