What is Powder Coating and Is It Right For You?

Is powder coating right for you? This technique is one of the most popular types of paint applications, but does that mean it’s the right choice for your job at hand? This blog post will help you learn everything you need to know to make the best decision.

What is powder coating?

Think of powder coating as paint, with the solvent ingredient removed. Powder coating is applied as a completely dry free flowing powder. This is applied electrostatically and then cured under heat to form a “skin”. Powder is most commonly used to coat metals.

Pros of powder coating

Powder coating can be very cost effective, and this technique produces very little waste. However, significant attendant costs related to heating/curing can add up.

Due to the small amount of waste produced, there is less environmental impact when compared to other techniques. The powder that does not adhere to the surface can be collected and reused, and there is little to no risk of air pollution due to the process happening in a sealed environment.

Powder coating, once cured, forms a protective finish which is much harder and more durable than conventional paint.

Cons of powder coating

Colour matching between reused powder particles can be a challenge and there is a risk of cross contamination. However, this possibility is a fairly slim one.

Powder coating is almost incapable of achieving a thin finish. Any painting projects requiring a coating of less than 6mm should consider a different painting process. Similarly, powder coating alone is not good at achieving a smooth finish.

For more information on powder coating and to discuss whether it is the right option for you, get in contact today.